About The Cofa’s Tree.

Hi. I’m Andy Temperley, a writer from Coventry (I do other things but none of them are relevant here).

Here is a quick guide as to what you’ll find here at The Cofa’s Tree:

The Cofa’s Tree:

The very finest Coventrian fiction, philosophy and history.

Speakers Corner:

Politics, (more) philosophy and a little poetry.

Strange Apocalypses:

A series of short stories describing strange apocalypses.

Here is a photo me caressing a Neolithic henge monument.

Things may be quiet around here for the foreseeable future but you can find more of my writing here:

A Moonlight Sonata

Strange Apocalypses

You Can Hear the Sea From Here

You can also find me on the following social media:







Apple Music


This Is My Jam

Oh, and you can find The Cofa’s Tree Facebook page here:

The Cofa’s Tree on Facebook.

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