Tweet of War.


– Dave Eggers, The Circle.

AN EDIT-TWEET BUTTON, we had screamed, knee-deep in viscera and gore. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? IS IT? IS IT?

It had been too much, as it turned out, a touch too much, a touch too far. Already in our possession was the awesome power to cajole and twist the words of Man to our own petty cause. We had already been left free and easy to air our illest thoughts over and over and over again.

Was this not enough? they had asked.

Of course not, we said. Nothing was ever enough.

Dorsey had stood firm and the board were right behind him. We would never get that which we had so desperately and grievously wanted, the ability to change our collective past. We had wanted the ability to edit out the darkness and place ourselves within the light we each knew was out there waiting for us.

We had wanted the impossible.

Many of us gave in after the Market Street Massacre, reduced to simply sobbing and retching and wailing and howling, broken beneath a sky broiled red, an ocean bloody and black. Two hundred and eighty characters lay dead and buried. It was as good as over.

When the shadow-men came hungry and choleric, in their sharp Brioni suits and teeth like needles, they rode in on scorched-earth emojis and howled and roared like demented trolls. Edit this, they had glitched, in zeros and ones.




In cherry and chestnut and claret and copper, the blood seemed quite impossible







the shadow-men drank up, 1.5 gallons of each of us.

The war ended soon after. There hadn’t been enough of us left standing to keep up with the fighting. The Battle of Baker Beach and it was all over.

The End.



READING: Heart of the Original, by Steve Aylett.

LISTENING: Periscopes, by Jilk and Haiku Salut.

4 thoughts on “Tweet of War.

  1. Yes it is too much to ask. Everything must be known, uncensored. The difference between The Circle and 1984 is the lack of torture scenes. Not necessary – it’s more mundane as we offer it all up. Mostly so Big Data can use it to sell to you.

    “Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity,” said Zuckerberg. Quite where that puts a gay man in Iran or feminist activist in Saudi Arabia I’m not sure. Then again there’s reasons why they get you onto this free stuff and I guess the most rebellious act would be switching off or giving false data…while we can!

    I appear to be stuck in a rant! Again.

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    1. Rant away! Social media and online identity, the Internet as a whole in fact, is home to a host of deeply complex issues which affect each and every one of us, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our species has yet to wrap around our collective head just what it is we have wrought.

      To quote Nick Cave,

      its getting strange in here

      & it gets stranger every year

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