I am fully aware that this is, yet again, a break from usual service. Nobody, as I have mentioned before, visits The Cofa’s Tree to be lectured on current events but with today’s parliament vote on the bombing of Syria I wanted to share a few thoughts.

Thank you.


Listen, you can correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t think of a single time a bombing campaign has brought about peace.

Germany only surrendered to the Allies after Berlin had fallen to the Russians. Japan only surrendered after the United Stares dropped nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Vietnam only ended in hasty retreat.

The past decade has shown that bombing solves nothing, killing the innocent and exacerbating an already chaotic situation. What makes our government believe we will achieve any better? The United States, France and Russia are already bombing Syria to smithereens and still ISIL find a way to raise funds and murder the innocent. We should be pushing for peace, not feeding violence with yet more violence.

Instead of using all this new found money to turn people to blood and dust, perhaps we could use this money to help people, like the countless thousands homeless, home and abroad? Or the thousands of families left relying on food banks? What about the doctors and nurses and teachers and emergency services already stretched to breaking point? We could use some of this money to prevent more deaths like those of the thousands found fit to work by the DWP…

We need to find a better way, not perpetuate civilisations frequent and unusually determined attempts at bloody suicide.


READING: Confessions of a Terrorist, by Richard Jackson.

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