Coventry’s Pride.

“Hidden sparks! The monotonous drone of bored machinery! A desperate cry for help, perhaps, or just dead inside and out...”


A Whisper in the Weeds.

“It had been The Devil himself who had stood in the place of that curious dog, atop a burning pyre the very shade of a weeping willow in Spring, his sly grin like an open vent, and out did spill a damnation song with it's fill of utter loathing.”

Lady Godiva Strikes Again!

“The woman on the black sands was both alone and amongst an entire legion, her myth rode along beside her as she had been as a child, who in turn stood hand in hand with the woman as she had been on her wedding day, whilst others glittered a strange silver and others soared high above in the cloudless sky. Each and every possible outcome for that woman was there, together as one. The feather had yet to fall.”